Cumberland University

Lebanon, Tennessee
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  • Private
    4 year
  • 1:14
    Faculty to Student Ratio
  • 16%
    Transfer Student Ratio
  • $19.1K
    Avg. Financial Aid
The mission of Cumberland University is to provide a contemporary liberal arts education to students seeking a high-quality, personalized college experience, which will allow them not only to have a successful and productive career, but to thrive intellectually, professionally, personally, and spiritually for a lifetime. Cumberland University has a long and rich history. But Cumberland’s focus is not on its past, it’s on the future. It’s not about the governors who’ve attended – it’s about helping students govern their lives. It’s not about the glorious names of the past – it’s about naming students’ futures. Cumberland is dedicated to doing the little things well, and that’s it's biggest and most powerful difference.


Total Enrollment 1,550
Programs 30
Equivalencies 3,780 outgoing
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Financial Information

Scholarships and Financial Aid:
Almost every student attending Cumberland receives some form of financial aid. The University awards scholarships and grants based on eligibility, need, academic standing/achievement, and many other factors.
Tuition and Fees:
For a full listing of tuition and fees, please visit this link: Costs vary for undergraduate, on-ground students, graduate studies and online/professional studies students.
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Information for Transfer In Students

Adult Degree Completion Programs:
Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Business, Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts in Education, Associate of Arts in English, Associate of Arts in History, Associate of Arts in Music, Associate of Science, RN to BSN
Technical/Vocation Credit Accepted:
Technical/vocational credit is reviewed and a determination is made relative to experiential credit.
Credit for Prior Learning:
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Application Deadlines for Transfer

Rolling Admission
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Additional Information

Flexible Options:
On-ground, online, hybrid.
Student Services Extended Hours:
online tutoring service through SmartThinking; emergency counseling and referral services; IT support.
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Transfer Application Requirements

Minimum GPA:
For admissions information for all prospective students (on-ground, transfer, graduate, international, transient, online/professional studies), visit this link:
Official Transcripts:
Cumberland requires the submission of official transcripts from every college/university that you have attended. If you have passed less than 30 hours at previous institutions, you must submit high school transcripts or GED scores.
SAT/ACT Scores:
Transfer students who have passed less than 30 hours at previous institutions must submit ACT or SAT scores. If you are 25 or older, this is not required.
Letters of Recommendation:
Letters of recommendation may be required for prospective students who do not meet minimum admission criteria.
Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission may be required to submit a personal statement along with their application.
Application Fee:
There is a non-refundable $25 application fee for on-ground students ($50 for international students), and a $50 non-refundable application fee for online and/or graduate studies students.
A personal interview, while not required, is often desirable for the prospective student.
Associates Degree Required:
University-parallel Associate degrees are accepted. Associate of Applied Science degrees are accepted, but they are evaluated to determine the number of general education core courses (GEC) the students has earned.
Other Requirements:
Transfer students with less than 30 hours may be required to complete a series of Cumberland U placement tests. All students must complete the Certificate of Immunization or provide proof of vaccination for Meningococcal Disease and Hepatitis B.
Request More Information:
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Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade:
All appropriate credits will be evaluated and transferred on a course-by-course basis for courses in which a C or better was earned and in which the course work is comparable in content and level and is applicable for a CU degree program.
Credits (Min/Max):
No more than 90 semester hours (or the equivalent quarter hours) may be accepted for transfer credit from other accredited institutions. No more that 70 of the possible 90 hours of transfer credit may come from a community or junior college.
Appeals Process Document:
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Cumberland University

1 Cumberland Square
Lebanon, Tennessee 37087
Main Phone:
(615) 444-2562


Transfer Admission Contact:
Amber Wilson
Assistant Director of Admissions
(615) 547-1221
Transfer Services Contact:
Amber Wilson
Assistant Director of Admissions
(615) 547-1221
Veterans Services Contact:
Janette Beasley
Staff Accountant
(615) 547-1237
Adult Learner Contact:
Amber Wilson
Assistant Director of Admissions
(615) 547-1221
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